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Understanding Rackmount Solutions

p1Rackmount solutions has proved to be a leader in the industry of supplying server cabinets, server racks, wall mount racks, network racks, portable rackmount cases, LAN racks and a lot of other accessories used in IT and Networking. The company focuses on the needs of clients according to their profession and this is how it manages to meet the demand in the market thus emerging as one of the best options for related devices and accessories. The company offers a number of solutions including the following products.


Rackmount Solutions understand that one size does not fit all and this is why they provide specialized racks for different uses. There are server racks designed to fit different models and brands such as Dell, IBM, HP and other specific requirements. Whether you need a rack custom cabinet, open rack frames, or specialty rack enclosure, Rackmount Solutions have a solution for you.

ePDU Enclosure

These are power distribution units that are designed for high reliability and quality. They include advanced technology in application flexibility, power monitoring and automatic transfer switching. The company has a range of products that will assist you in monitoring both the current and the voltage for a better use of your devices.

Shock Mount Cases

These are specialized cases offered by Rackmount Solutions to provide a safe way to transport or ship devices that are considered fragile. The cases are constructed using special materials with an interior that is designed to hold the components into place protecting them from impact and damage. These cases are highly used in commercial shipping and military transportation. Rackmount Solutions is a leader in this industry and has a number of products to prove its position. The products are PCI compliant and the company works with other industry players to provide the best solutions for storage and transportation.